SEO & Online Marketing

With nearly 15 years experience in web development, the team at Extima are experts in the world of digital media and online marketing. We provide customized web solutions to help clients grow and expand their business while helping them establish and execute superior branding and marketing practices.

Extima fuses Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media engagement with traditional marketing and public relations campaigns to provide an excellent  platform for growth. While we employ proper design and intelligent marketing practices, we also delve into the ever changing wealth of tools created in the world of digital media to market your business and products to the fullest. Extima takes a comprehensive approach that builds a solid foundation, analyzes the results of our actions, and continually seeks new avenues to promote your business.  We achieve short term results and build long term search traffic that converts to sales.

Every company has its own goals, budgets, and resources—Extima customizes a unique plan for every client. We work with you to maximize your results based on your situation. No website is too small or too large to benefit from effective search engine optimization and marketing efforts.

We start by conducting an in-depth analysis of your website to determine what is needed to optimize it and maximize your sales. Based on this analysis, the following proposal can be adjusted to include the work that is necessary to optimize the core of your site. This may include:

• Updating the design, layout and/or navigation

• Optimizing images, fixing broken links, eliminating frames and validating HTML for browser compatibility

• Editing Meta Tags and web copy

• Creating error pages

All of these factors influence how the search engine rank your site, and ultimately, your traffic. In addition, we evaluate your market and competitors to create an efficient strategy that will increase traffic while building your brand and online reach.

Throughout the campaign, your website will become more accessible on the internet through:

• Achieving top rankings for specific keywords across the major search engines

•  Organic Promotion throughout numerous Directories, Message Boards, Social Networking Channels

• Viral growth with browsers’ use of tools created to enhance their experience and at the same time advertise your website to their online networks.

• Create compelling content to increase exposure among your target market.

• Direct Email Marketing to current customers to generate repeat business and outreach to new ones.

Service Highlights

You want your website to get results. You want your website to work for you, be profitable and give you a return on your investment.
With the surge in popularity of e-Commerce, people often need their Shopping Carts to perform additional functions. Some of those functions include the ability to download info into Quickbooks® and perform customer tracking.
There are too many uses to list here. If you have an idea for an interactive website and are in need of a database solution contact us via email at or by phone at 310. 379.0936 to discuss your ideas with a designer.
Please check our featured hosting packages for more information. If you have hosting needs greater than these plans, or if you have specific needs not listed here, please contact us for more information.
Our services include original content creation designed to attract new clientele, improve search engine optimization and convey a professional image that is relevant to your company’s industry. With expertise in marketing communications across a wide range of industries, Extima’s team will develop engaging content tailored to your specific marketing needs. Our team creates stellar content and copy for websites, online newsletters, e-mail blasts, feature articles, press releases and media kits, from start to finish. We will develop original article ideas, create editorial calendars and provide unrivalled content strategy and leadership, while maintaining your brand’s voice and ensuring the utmost accuracy and quality.